Quality Environmental Policy

Quality and Environmental Management Policy 

 * Get better in such a way as to satisfy expectations and requirements of the automotive sector and enhance their trust in this regard without making any concessions on our product quality with the awareness of the importance of our products in human life,

 *Offer products to customers observing national/international rules and standards, and integrating improvements into the products.
 * Closely follow up technological developments and adapt them into the plant,

 * Respond to our customers demands and become solution partner acting with team awareness and a dynamic and agile approach,

 * Provide creative responses to changes adopting continuous improvement as a principle in order to progress further,

 * Increase competence and raise awareness of our personnel with continuous training activities related to the quality and environment,

 *  Prevent environmental pollution and reduce pollution at the source,

 * Use energy and natural resources efficiently and develop recovery ways by reducing wastes,

 * Operate our facility in accordance with all legal regulations applicable to the product and environment.

In order to raise awareness of the employees on environment and achieve corporate targets within the framework of ISO 14001: 2005 Environmental Management System, trainings are provided for the personnel and equipments are always kept under control to prevent environmental pollution.

The production of Eren Balata is mainly focused on drum and disc brake pads. Drum brake linings are manufactured in sizes specified by the international standards according to the requirements of TS 555. Compliance with ECE R.90 regulation is regarded as well as TS 555 standards in the production of disc brake pads.

ISO 9001 quality management system and ISO/TS 16949 automotive quality management system are implemented in Eren Balata. Eren Balata, attaching all due importance to Research and Development, has laboratory qualification required for acquiring ECE R90 certification.