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Drum Brake Linings And Disc Brake Pads
Eren Balata is improving its own unique production technology, has achieved such flexibility as to produce new products in line with the requirements of automotive industry.

Developed products are tested both on vehicles and in the laboratory with contemporary techniques.

Engineering Friction Materials can be formulated and offered to user in the light of the required specifications and the data provided.

Eren Balata carries out procurement of raw materials to be employed in the production process according to a maximum level of quality requirements. Samples are taken from each incoming raw material and a small models representing actual production are created in the laboratory. Relevant raw materials will take part in the production process in line with their efficiency after performing tests on such sample products.

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 Disc Brake Pads Product Catalogue

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 Drum Brake Linings Product Catalogue


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The Federation groups together the European manufacturers of friction materials and promotes the interests of this industry. In the interests of the consumers and by mission of its member companies the FEMFM will in particular pursue the following objectives:
  • To promote the safe operation of road vehicles by establishing standards for friction materials and the control of the application of these standards.
  • To ensure that the existence of such standards provides conditions of free competition between the manufacturers who have adopted and apply them.
  • To develop and establish a common technical and commercial nomenclature.
The Federation is a non-profit-making body and will not seek to intervene in matters concerning the individual policy of its members or the commercial policy of individual manufacturers. The Federation undertakes the representation of its members and acts on their behalf, making representations to the public authorities and to the general public and the various trade circles with which the Federation may have dealings. In particular, the Federation formulates and expresses the opinions of the industry in its dealings with international authorities such as the Economic Commission for Europe, the Commission of the European Communities, scientific and technical international institutions, international industrial and commercial organisations and, at the request of the member concerned, with national governments, national concerns or nationalised industries, legislative bodies and other organisations.