Eren Balata Celebrates 20Th Anniversary

EREN Balata has celebrated the honour of serving 20 years to automotive and various industrial sectors, along with the numerous project accomplished successfully, with its employees and dealers.

The publicity meeting and cocktail was carried out as a part of an in-factory organization with an attendance of 500 people on April 17. The subsequent programme was  in Kuşadası which involved a conference and state dinner  was  held in Hotel Sürmeli. EREN Balata gave a brief of information about the company’s history and development.

EREN Balata demonstrated the corporate importance given to the human factor by honoring 47 of its employees who have served the company for 10-15 and 20 years.

Having a production capacity of 60 tons/year in 1990 than EREN Balata is currently the manufacturing leader of brake lining and friction materials in domestic market with a capacity of 6000 tons/year. 

Along with its production capacity, EREN Balata also has the quality certifications of  TS 555, ISO 9001, ISO TS/16949 and ECR 90.
EREN Balata has been accepted as a brand also in the international market, with the aim of producing without compromising quality and proving the quality of  Turkish products in the foreign markets.